Saint Vincent De Paul (SVDP)

St Joseph’s Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul was established in 1908. It has a long and rightly proud tradition of caring for the spiritual and material needs of all in our community. A good number of parishioners have been, at one time or another, members of the SVDP. Currently, numbers are fewer than they have been in the past, and we are continually looking for new members to join the Vincentian family. Traditionally SVDP was an all male institution this is no longer the case.

The SVDP Conference meets every Saturday at 10am in the presbytery.

Legion of Mary

The strong tradition of the Legion of Mary within the parish continues today. Regular meetings on Monday nights in the parochial hall and visitation within the parish ensure that the Legion of Mary have a presence in the spiritual and pastoral life of the parish. In common with all Church societies they welcome interest in their society and work.